Zigzag Nation provides a social environment to connect with Africans worldwide.

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Zigzag Nation embodies across-pollination of different African people of positive vibrations under one nation. An African platform for people of different cultures to showcase their talents.

Zigzag Firmus POS (point of sale) terminal is an electronic system that is mainly used to process card transactions.

Merchant POS

Cash back

Merchant POS

Zigzag Firmus Merchant POS terminal is an electronic device that is given to retail customers to conduct card payments.

Zigzag Firmus Cash back POS

This service allows customer to withdraw cash and make transfer via POS. Request Now
To access zigzag financial services, download the mobile zigzag app which is available on both mobile and desktop platforms. This will enable you get a unique phone number with special data and call bundles, perform transactions. Start saving in an esusu group and many more benefits
Join an esusu group on zigzag. Create your group with close friends and family members to have access to the money pool. Users are allowed to borrow from the pool at interest rates ensuring financial empowerment for every active member of the nation.

Zigzag Banking SWAG

As soon as you download our app, you automatically get a Firmus MFB account.
From here you can

  • Transfer funds to loved ones easily
  • Buy airtime and data
  • Pay ALL bills from your hands.
  • Set up a group savings with friends on a digital bank platform
  • Borrow X 3 saved funds after 6 months
  • Apply for a debit cards with great benefits


Zigzag MarketPlace SWAG

We just launched our market place and for now you have a market stall for FREE.

Join our growing market place and display your goods to the opening wide world.

Expanding your horizons in business and meeting others of like minds.


  • Your place to post all you want to share
  • Know what's happening around you.
  • A place to connect and be connected to the world as you choose.
  • A messenger space for private messages to your network of friends.
  • What's better? Your African connect. Our African voice or platform!